Never wait. 

Often, when I find myself advising or mentoring entrepreneurs they say ” we are just waiting a few days till we have our important meeting/investor feedback/POC ready” or a wide range of other reasons. 

Waiting is always a bad option. It instills passivity and overemphasizes random occurances in the life of a project.  Customer leads fizzle out, investors get cold feet, development gets stuck, and in general bright skies become overcast in the blink of an eye. 

The proactive option to waiting is to execute a strategic plan which well communicates the project plan to all potential stakeholders. That crucial meeting is one of many. Some occur in parallel, some serially. The outcome of a single meeting, or conversely a project milestone should never be posed as a critical aspect of any plan. Things always fail or come short of expectations. That’s why a long range plan helps all stakeholders maintain perspective even in rough waters. 


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