Marketing mosquito traps

While mosquitos are small in size, their impact on our well being is disporptionaly large. From malaria to zika, or just being a nuisance late at night mosquitoes are a problem waiting to be solved.  

The mosquito fight has shifted from wide range chemical warfare, with a broad and severe environmental impact, to local skirmishes. As usual, the individual consumer is left alone in the night, combatting the buzzing sound of a hungry mosquito. Hence it is no wonder that many companies have jumped into the void and offer mosquito traps or repellents. 

The amusing fact is that reading the existing studies reveals that these traps or repellents don’t really work. But the traps are an amazing study in marketing products. 

Most traps work with UV light. Studies have shown that many insects are attracted to UV light but not mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are actually attracted to heat and CO2. Some traps utilize TiO2 which is a white material commonly used in paint and sun protection lotion and claim when UV light iradiating TiO2 generates CO2. 

So there is some science in place. Now placing a trap in open space results in bucket loads of insects. It’s actually impossible to discern mosquitoes from other pests but the sheer amount provides proof the trap is doing its job. 

The lesson to be learnt is that while its best to solve the job at hand, selling is sometimes about demonstrating results. 


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