Automated shade system: a crowd funding story for August

Inventions come from necessity and many times as I find myself spending some time outside I wish for some shade. This got me thinking about a drone assisted solar powered shade system. 

Four drones carry a canopy which has a solar panel. The drones position the canopy in the sky to create a shade above the user. 

Crazy as it sounds its actually feasible. ( the less physic’s inclined can skip this part). A ten meter square canopy made or organic solar cells should be able to generate around 50 W and yet be light. Furthermore the canopy can be shaped as a wing so the drones don’t actually lift it but only define the angle and speed providing an elevation force for the panel. The drone battery should suffice for the initial elevation but once in place in the sky the sun power and canopy lift will take over. 

Positioning is done using a camera on a drone. Once in the sky, the user marks the location to be shaded on his cellphone and the drones do the rest.

So who will take up the challenge and go for a Kickstarter campaign. 


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