Those who can, do

In the world of trading stocks, a well known adage is

If you have a good trading system you trade your money, if it’s mediocre you trade other people’s money and if it’s lousy you write a book about it. 

In inventing as in stocks, to make money, talent alone does not work and luck is an important factor.  But to come up with ideas is certainly a learnable trait. I have met many people who teach how to invent. One would imagine that such teachers can generate ideas effortlessly, however the reality is that inventors need at least two aspects of knowledge to be prolific. The first is indeed systematic methods of inventing. The second, which in today’s lean and quick world is often forgotten, is a wide knowledge base. If we compare inventing to quick reading, than the methods of systematic inventing are methods of quick reading, but the knowledge is the books.  

The biggest driver for knowledge is curiosity, which is why curious people make good inventors. 


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